All The Features You NEED

Free Plus
SIMPLE Time Tracking
Track time for customers, clients, or projects
Billable vs non-billable times
Approve or unapprove times
Pause button to take breaks
"Start in the Past" button if you start late
Round times to the nearest 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes
Email reminders if your leave your timer running
Set the number of hours before your email reminder is sent
Work within a team and share times
Admin, manager, and staff roles to manage user access
Page to view and edit times betweeen any date range
Easily sort times per user
Ability to merge customers, clients, or projects
Ability to have sub-customers, sub-clients, and sub-projects
Analytics to pull out important data from your times
List format to easily view ALL hours worked
View how many hours you're working per week
View how many hours you're working per customer, client, or project
View how many hours you're working per service
Generate detailed invoices in one click
Add your business logo to invoices
Select the amount of detail in invoice line items
Download invoices as a PDF
View how much you're invoicing per client
View how much your're invoicing over time
Search invoices by customer name, date or amount
Choose whether invoices should display the line item date
Sync with QuickBooks Online
Automatically sync customers, services, and vendors everytime you log in
Sync your times with QuickBooks Online
Sync your invoices with QuickBooks Online