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Nov. 10, 2014 by

Software should create value for a business in one of two ways. It should either: 1. Increase Revenue and/ or 2. Decrease Costs If your software cannot do either of these tasks ... it sucks as a business application. 

The decision to chose the software route was based on the ability to AUTOMATE things with programs. I cannot stress enough, the importance of this when it comes to business. It is 2014 ... and well into the age of technology and computers. Whether your business is technology based or not, software can and should be used to automate some business process to INCREASE REVENUE or DECREASE COST. A service based example is my tutoring business, SDSUeeTutor.com. The biggest pain in tutoring is scheduling. To solve this, I set out on Google and after spending about 30 minutes on Google, I found multiple solutions to automate my scheduling and settled with Appointy.com. At the time, I had no idea how important of a decision that was. I tried the scheduling software for $30/ month and will NEVER go back. Appointy's software had created VALUE for my business. All of my scheduling worries were gone; no more double booking; I didn't have to manually input EVERY appointment anymore; it integrated with my phone and gmail calendar, and missed appointments decreased because the software sent automatic appointment reminders to clients. I now consider Appointy's software something my business NEEDS because it saves me so much time and hassle. 

Now changing from a service based example to a software based example, I want to take a look at HoursLogger, our SaaS (software as a service) company which focuses on time tracking and automated invoicing. HoursLogger, is designed to decrease client costs. The web app accomplishes this by saving Consultants time through invoice automation. HoursLogger generates invoices automatically at the end of a pay period, or allows users to generate an invoice with the click of a button. As consultants ourselves at DevCo, we could spend hours tracking times and putting together invoices to bill clients, but we'd rather not! Instead we use our own practical application of software to solve a common business problem. 

The most beautiful part of software is it's AUTOMATION of things. Once you set up programs, they continue to work by themselves (or... until a developer starts hacking away). They never complain, they're always on time, and they allow you to focus on improving other parts of your business. I like to keep my posts short and sweet so I'll end the conversation there for now. If you have anything to add to the post, please Comment. If you haven't tried the app and need a tool for time tracking, check us out at HoursLogger

Drew Haines

Spend time consulting, not tracking time.


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