Don't Solve Problems You Don't Have

Mar. 16, 2016 by

Don't create work for problems you don't have. Stay focused and ONLY work on things in the critical path to making your first dollar!

 It is really easy to ask yourself 'what if' questions all day. 'What if someone uses our product like this?' This thinking is dangerous for startups because it can pull you away from your main goal, MAKING MONEY. When you start running a business, everybody and their brother wants to give advice. It is up to you to decide what is important and what isn't. Stay focused and ask yourself, 'is the task I'm working on directly getting me closer to making money?' You must be maniacal about staying on task and only focusing on things that will generate income. If you aren't, the first dollar will never come. 

This doesn't mean EVERY task will make money. Sometimes there are multiple steps before your first dollar. For example, if you need a website to sell your product, building the website doesn't directly make you money. However, it is a necessary step in delivering your product. The point is stay on track. Don't make up problems in your head.

When we were building HoursLogger, everyone wanted to tell us what feature we HAD to build next. This meant we had to be selective about what we worked on. What sounds more important? Making it so users can run 2 timers at once. Or, making sure we can take payments and charge people for the app? I know it sounds obvious, if you can't take payments, then you can't make money so you should probably work on that. You would be amazed at how much BS people tell you have HAVE to work on versus what ACTUALLY MAKES YOU MONEY.

Spend time consulting, not tracking time.


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